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Weld anywhere with the powerful, battery-powered Tactical Welder.

  • Completely battery-powered system – no long power cords, heavy cables or generators necessary.
  • State-of-the-art, electronic battery management system uses high capacity lithium ion batteries to provide consistent power and safely controls charging and discharging functions.
  • Ultimate portability – all components are designed to be stored/transported in the included backpack. The bag provides a holster for the spool gun and tools, allowing for one-hand welding operations.
  • The system includes a high current contactor for cold tip operation. Clamp the ground, pull the trigger and weld.
  • Versatile The Tactical Welder is capable of welding approximately a one pound spool of weld wire on a single charge. It is capable of performing high quality MIG welds and flux cored welds.
  • The Welder comes complete with: Power system (Battery & BMS) Spool gun 7A charger 300A ground clamp 6-foot cables with high-current plug connectors for positive or negative ground welding.


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Part Number 4800
Shipping Class 70
SCHB Number 8515800080
Weight 35