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Limit your liability from the accident scene by utilizing Spill Diaper as secondary confinement.  Spill Diaper is a quick application that attaches to any leaking vehicle or potentially leaking vehicle.  Spill Diaper is made of a three-layer absorbent material; top layer being a general absorption allowing anti-freeze and acids to be absorbed, the middle layer being a thick oil only material to absorb oil, gas, diesel and all hydrocarbons, bottom layer is a 4 Mil plastic barrier to keep any fluids from leaching through. Spill Diaper limits your liability by not allowing fluids to leak while in your custody.  Keep your property and asset by placing Spill Diaper on any vehicle entering your facility that is leaking or has the potential to leak. Profit from your liabilities using Spill Diaper!


Dimensions 58" W x 84" L
Shipping Dimensions 20" W x 24" L x 4" H
Sold as 1 per package
Absorbency Up to 8 gal. per pad
Weight 5.5 lbs.
# per Pallet 60
Incinerable No
Ship Class