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Real-Time Spill Response

  • Portable- lightweight and portable design supporting a rapid response- containment in less than an hour.
  • Easy Handling- Easy-to-use and only requires two non-specialized personnel.
  • Convenient- Instead of bringing people and equipment to site after the spill, the equipment is available on site for rapid deployment.
  • Immediate Response- Contain marine oil spills immediately without heavy machinery or trained responders.
  • Better Containment- Improves oil spill response effectiveness by containing oil when the spill occurs and stopping its spread thereby supporting clean-up methods.
  • Reduced Impact- Helps avoid/reduce costly clean-up measures, infrastructure shutdowns, negative press and regulatory fines.
  • Smart Design- Durable and designed to respond effectively in coastal and inland waterways as well as offshore.
  • Unlimited Length- Contains any size spill with unlimited length capacity.
  • Less Storage Required- Requires 20-33% less storage space than ordinary containment boom. An all-terrain vehicle can carry 500 ft. and a 20 ft. container can hold 7,500 ft.


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