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Pop Up Pools Instantly Expand To Capture Leaks From Saddle Tanks, Pipes, Hydraulic Lines And Many Other Industrial Incidents.

  • Ultra Pop Up Pools Sprung Steel Models are available in 150, 100, 66 and 20 gallon sizes. Simply remove them from their packaging and give them a quick shake – they instantly expand and are ready for response to any emergency.
  • Unique, patented design – foam ring rises with level of liquid to raise sidewalls.
  • Compact folded size – stores efficiently inside spill kits.
  • Excellent chemical resistance, including diesel fuel, antifreeze, acids, caustics and corrosives.
  • Optional storage bags are available with Economy Models.
  • Helps minimize environmental damage and related clean-up costs.
  • Excellent for response to damaged saddle tanks and cross-over lines, hazmat spills, leaking containers, machinery and piping.
  • Other applications include use as a decontamination pool and collection pool for soiled sorbents.


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Color Yellow
Dimensions 12" L x 42" W x 53" H
Part Number 8066-YEL
Shipping Class 300
SCHB Number 3926909985
Weight 5