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Heavy-Duty Bags Provide Quick and Easy Sediment and Erosion Control.

  • Gravel bags are a basic BMP (Best Management Practice) used to meet regulatory requirements for stormwater and erosion control.
  • The sizes are industry standard and allow the user to fill them up with as much or as little gravel (not included) as the application requires.
  • Different sizes lend themselves to different applications; from drain protection to erosion control at construction sites.
  • Made of very high quality polymer material that is woven into shape – eliminates the flaws and failures of sewn edges.
  • High UV rating allows multi-year life in sun and elements.
  • Rugged material and construction can, in most instances, withstand being driven-over, a typical problem with lesser bags.


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Color Green
Part Number 9784
Shipping Class 77.5
SCHB Number 3923210095
Weight 83