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Oil-Eating Microbes “Supercharge” Mother Nature’s Own Bioremediation Process

  • Ultra- Archaea are naturally occurring microbes that help bioremediate oil spills and other contaminated areas.
  • They will digest hydrocarbon molecules and break them down into harmless by products of carbon, carbon dioxide and lipids
  • Ultra-Archaea are an archaea-based collection of over on hundred different species of microbes that are cultivated from rugged environments such as undersea vents or sites where there is volcanic activity.
  • They are cultivated with crude oil as the only food source. Therefore they grow on thousands of organic compounds from benzene to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. 100% natural
  • Ultra-Archaea microbes are not only for oil spills. Examples of other uses include Industrial and Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plants, Plumbing Maintenance (sinks, grease traps), Spill Control, Septic Tanks, Odor Control, Bioremediation- soil, water, stormwater and Agriculture/Aquaculture.
  • Archaea Tablets contain a high concentration of Archaea (20 billion per gram).
  • The tablets are easy to break-up and flush or drain- Simple to use.
  • 12-pack of tubes, 24 tablets per tube.


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