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Consulting & Compliance Services


We are your expert partner in navigating environmental challenges.

Through decades of experience, we have developed a proven strategy to limit liability, control costs, and ensure regulatory compliance for your organization.

E-Environmental Solutions is here to help you at the organizational level to navigate the complex world of environmental laws & regulations, ensuring compliance and limiting liability.

Accident & Spill Response
Accident & Spill Response
Accident & Spill Response

environmental consulting services include:

E-Environmental provides line-item environmental invoice auditing to ensure that you are not paying too much for environmental services and expenses. Our experienced auditors can translate confusing environmental language, and identify errors or overcharges.

We can also evaluate third-party contractors for proper certification and documentation, as well as negotiate rates & services for you.

We work with insurance companies, manage your insurance claims, and provide oversight to ensure that regulations are followed and proper reimbursement is received.

E-Environmental personnel will assist with assuring no contaminants or pollutants are exiting your facility by providing vac services and testing any collected material to meet your specific needs. E-Environmental personnel will test your retention pond for proper PPM (parts per million) and acidity. This will ensure contamination is not being produced or exiting your facility.

This will assure your property compliance and limit liability to adjacent properties, reducing your property insurance cost and liability of reducing property value.

E-Environmental is your complete compliance partner. We are experts in all Local, State, and Federal environmental laws and regulations. We handle all of the permits, paperwork, and reporting to ensure compliance, limit your liability, and avoid fines.

Your ability to respond to spills or accidents is one of the most effective ways to limit the damage of an environmental accident. We’ll develop specific prevention and response plans for your facilities or processes. We’ll ensure that your team is properly trained and your facilities are properly equipped to react to an accident.

We train your team on what to do in the event of a hazardous material exposure or spill. Proper training combined with a specific action plan are your most effective tool to keep your employees safe and limit liability.

We provide the reporting & documentation needed to show complete compliance and adherence to local, state, and federal regulations.

we transform your liability into an asset

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& Assessments

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6. Minimize &
Control Costs

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